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Our Team

With decades of true Torah camping under their belt, our handpicked team focuses on the personal experience of each boy, and the shteiging of the camp at large. Collaborating with parents, rebbeim, and counselors, our chashuva team effectuates that post camp feeling of, "I'm awesome. Camp was awesome. And my summer was awesome."

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Rabbi Nachum Chaim Srebro

Brooklyn, New York

Rabbi Fisheld_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rabbi Akiva Fishfeld

Phoenix, Arizona

Yaakov Dov Cohen1_edited.jpg

Rabbi Yaakov Dov Cohen

Chestnut Ridge, New York

Gavi Hoffnung_edited_edited.jpg

Doctor Gavriel Hoffnung

Passaic, New Jersey


Rabbi Yehoshua Srebro

Brooklyn, New York

Rabbi Dana_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rabbi Tzvi Dana

Naugatuck, Connecticut

Yossi Schore_edited_edited.jpg

Rabbi Yossi SChorr

Brick, New Jersey


Rabbi Yitzchok Respler

Chestnut Ridge, New York

Dovid Hertz1_edited_edited.jpg

Rabbi Dovid Hertz

Brooklyn, New York


Rabbi Yehuda Strauss

Brooklyn, New York

Aharon Shalom Yachnes_edited.jpg

Rabbi Aharon Shalom Yachnes

Chicago, Illinois

Rabbi Dana~3_edited.jpg

Rabbi Coming Soon

Stay, Tuned

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