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For today's child, camp is a necessity rather than a luxury. Most parents work hard to be able to send their son to camp. Yet, for some children, the potential life altering experience of summer camp remains elusive--simply due to a lack of funds. Your gift will help provide a regular child with a robust camping experience, and likely--memories for a lifetime. Customization options for your gift include in memory, in honor, in merit etc. of loved ones.



Enables one child to attend camp.


Enables a child to receive credit in the canteen and participate with his friends.


Enables struggling parents to send their child to camp with partial subsidation.


Enables a child to know you care.


Enables a regular family to receive a subsidy toward their camp tuition. 

Your Choice

Have your own idea of how to help campers? Choose here, or feel free to contact us for available camp-wide sponsorship opportunities.

On behalf of all our campers, thank you!

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