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Our Approach

At Camp Shaashuim we believe in utilizing the summer as an extraordinary opportunity for growth. Synthesizing the fondness for traditional camping, yet acknowledging the rapidly developing needs of today's child, we endeavor to nourish the physical, spiritual, and emotional elements of each boy. We believe each boy is unique, and needs to be fully acknowledged, understood, and accepted. 

Those who attend Camp Shaashuim acknowledge the geshmak of camp as a means to an end. They appreciate the depth of their relationships, feel exhilarated when making someone feel good, value likeminded Baalei Middos, and cherish genuine role models.

Ensconced in the camp environment, and surrounded by staff with an acicular sense of purpose, passion, and mission, our campers are catapulted to new heights and accomplishment--as true Bnei Torah. Our communicative, sophisticated parent body supports and believes in our goal and mission.

Obviously, our camp is the best, our staff is geshmak, our facility cool, and program unparallelly awesome. Go for it. Do it for your son. Register today!

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