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Important Information

What is Camp Shaashuim?

Camp Shaashuim is a new, boys, first half sleepaway camp.

Who runs Camp Shaashuim?

Camp Shaashuim was started by Rabbi Nachum Chaim Srebro from Brooklyn, New York. He began his own camp after serving as a 7th Grade Division Head for nine years in Camp Bonim. 

Does Camp Shaashuim have Hashkafic Direction?

Yes! In addition to our distinguished rebbeim who serve as powerful role models, Camp Shaashuim has outside hashkafic and halachic direction. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Who Are the staff at Camp Shaashuim?

Rabbi Srebro has handpicked a group of qualified camp veterans to help drive his camp vision. Each is committed to helping every camper succeed in camp. We refer to them collectively as Our Team.

Where is Camp Shaashuim located?

Camp Shaashuim is located in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Who goes to Camp Shaashuim?

Our campers are from out of town, in town, and in between and are united by the common desire to experience a wholesome summer with frum like minded Bnei Torah.

What makes Camp Shaashuim Different?

We're not different. We are a regular camp and yet:

  1. Our small size enables the staff to know each boy and provide lots of personal attention. The congenial family type atmosphere enables each boy to shteig, and feel attended to.

  2. Our program is wholesome. We believe that geshmak should come from within and not have to be motivated. When boys feel connected, they mimeilah exude energy and geshmak.

  3. We believe that capitalizing on learning groups in camp is imperative to being matzliach in yeshiva in the upcoming year. Our goal during learning groups is to shteig and help every boy taste success. Our rebbeim are innovative, invested, and committed to reaching each boy at his level utilizing a skills-based approach. Propelling each boy forward is in line with our wholesome belief that "Every boy is awesome."

  4. We believe that campers like to play sports. However, we also offer unique elective activities to round out our packed program.

  5. We promote positivity and the basics. Tzitzis and yarmulkas are always required, bullying is not tolerated, and foul language and electronics are prohibited.

WhAt Age boys attend Camp Shaashuim?

Camp Shaashuim accepts boys finishing 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th grade.

Are there fish in the lake?

Yes! There are fish in the lake.

My question is not listed here...

Please be in touch with us at or 845.244.1820.

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